Telecom & IT

Core Routing and Switching
Truecom provides industry best solutions starting from Last mile access to Core Networks along with after sales support to customer satisfaction:telecom1 telecom2

Carrier Class infrastructure centered around providing telecommunication services is a thing of the past. What used to be the expected of the telecom equipment manufacturers in terms of reliability and availability is now expected of any equipment that is designed to provide converged telecom and datacom services. Truecom’s team has been involved in designing many carrier class systems from concept to completion, seeing them through initial customer deployments and verifications with all the world class carriers. The technologies involved, Core Routing, ATM Switches, Sonet STS-1 Granularity Cross Connect Switches, Optical DWDM Switches and Multiplexing Systems and Integration of IPoDWDM into pure Datacom Solutions.

Truecom offers consulting and guidance on designing carrier class solutions to its established and growing base of customers.

Unified Communication

Unified Communications (UC) is designed to provide high quality and reliable voice and video communication services over IP network for greater efficiency, flexibility and scalability. Its advantages include intercom between multiple local and overseas locations, and the convenience of installation and relocation. UC enables users to perform advanced telephony operations via web portal apart from their telephone sets, as well as manage voice and fax messages all at the same time; thus greatly enhancing the efficiency of daily communications.

Video Solutions

Videofy the enterprise. That’s our mantra and mission. We believe that video is the new document and organizations need to develop their ability to use video to communicate and collaborate as second nature. Our platform and services are focused on rapidly building video capabilities and usage in our client organizations. Our team of passionate technologists are particularly competent in taking this lofty mission and delivering robust, stable, and user-friendly product capabilities. Guiding principles of our product development approach is asset security, user experience enhancement, video creation and video consumption enablement. That’s how we videofy enterprises.

Our clientele is primarily large enterprise and includes transnational corporations. We pride ourself on being extremely close to our customers both in terms of support we provide them and feedback we get from them for product development.

Campus Network Solution

The Keys for Campus Networking: Integration, Integration, and Integration
In the past, network designers had only a limited number of hardware options – routers or hubs – when purchasing a technology for their campus networks. Consequently, it was rare to make a hardware design mistake. Hubs were for wiring closets, and routers were for the data-center or main telecommunications operations.

Based on analysis of current information technology development and understanding of user needs, Truecom provides a large campus network solution which is easy to deploy, easy to maintain, scalable, secure, and reliable.


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Date Security

Data security and the challenge of data protection is increasing in scope—and difficulty. While organizations have long needed to safeguard intellectual property and confidential information, changes in information technology and business models introduce new actors, new threats, and new regulations. As a result, organizations need to think beyond the traditional models of securing the perimeter and locking down specific segments of IT infrastructure in order to formulate their data protection goals

Data Security consists of the provisions and policies adopted by the network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of the computer network and network-accessible resources and other types of network attacks. Network security covers end to end security policies at WAN, LAN & End User level.

All products and services from Truecom have one goal: to help businesses, governments, and other organizations succeed in overcoming today’s and tomorrow’s complex data protection challenges. We provide proven security products and services that seek to maximize operational efficiency, minimize total cost of ownership, and keep organizations agile as requirements, regulations, IT systems change over time. The bottom line: making a system more secure must not make it less reliable or scalable. No organization can afford that kind of security

Physical Security

If you think that physical security shouldn’t be a large part of the security equation in today’s digital world, think again.

As data breaches and downtime grow more and more costly, companies operating their own data centers and using colocation providers for outsourced services are right to be concerned about physical security. Indeed, digital threats are more pervasive than ever. But that hardly means it’s okay to dismiss the physical side of security.

Telecom Shelters & Mobile Nodes


Telecom Shelters Used to safeguard sensitive telecommunication equipment from the surrounding environment, telecom shelters are small independent structures that house communications equipment away from a main switching center. They are designed to be resistant against all types of weather, from high heat to harsh rain, and they are built to last for years to come, even with little maintenance and upkeep. Available in various sizes and materials, these shelters are important for protecting equipment and keeping telecommunications running smoothly.

A proposal of a mobile communication node performed in the military version, installed on a medium-sized vehicle designed for ensuring communications on the move and on standby.
The node, integrating many communication systems, provides continuous communications at a maximum high level of transmission, ensuring a simultaneous maintenance of communication with high command levels and subordinated units while on the move and on standby.

High automation of communication processes and preparation of communication systems (including also the antenna mast) minimizes the personnel service.
Radio communication systems installed and possessed cable joints allow for a quick inclusion into the field tele information network and they guarantee a wireless data exchange to many users within the area of communications nodes.

The node ensures a full compatibility with the hitherto implemented communication means and used in the Armed Forces. An autonomous power supply system allows for operation at any location with no access to permanent power supply sources.